The Books

Choice by Eliza Grace Howard

Donna Porter is a married first grade teacher with a domineering husband, Stanley. Against her wishes, he forces her into the swinger lifestyle. Donna is miserable with this arrangement but feels powerless to say no to her husband’s desires. Following an abusive encounter, she has no choice but to flee.

Away from her husband and in the process of getting a divorce, Donna begins a relationship with Quinn Cavanaugh, the father of one her students. Quinn is virile, charismatic, and very appealing. He shows her the love and respect that is missing from her marriage, but they can’t ride off into the sunset with a happily ever after just yet.

Stanley threatens that he will reveal details that could jeopardize Donna’s career and reputation in their small, conservative Southern town. The dread hanging over her head complicates Donna’s relationship with Quinn. Can she get through this divorce unscathed, and if so, can Quinn protect her from the past?



Years earlier, Becky Barnes grabbed her chance to take her incredible voice and intense ambition to Nashville, deserting her new husband and infant son in the process. Within weeks, Becky had secured a hit on the charts and what she thought was the beginning of a successful singing career. Then—nothing.

Now as Becky attempts to rebuild her life, bank account, and reputation in a place where she has obviously burned too many bridges, she must overcome judgments, perceptions, and her own insecurities while facing challenges and new possibilities along with a compelling need to connect to the child she abandoned.

As she courageously sets down a rocky path toward an uncertain future, only time will tell if it leads her to happiness or more disappointment.